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Who could have pictured this after Kawhi Leonard was traded from the San Antonio Spurs to the Toronto Raptors, the first ever championship for Toronto with Kawhi leading the way winning the Finals MVP and taking down the back to back champions, the Golden State Warriors.

However, after all that, there’s still some debate that the Raptors champion may still move away in the offseason. It was never Kawhi’s intention to play in Toronto and at the beginning of the season, it was almost certain that he would play just one season there before moving to Los Angeles.


The championship title may have changed the two-time Finals MVP mind as may have just leaked his decision while under the influence of alcohol.

According to FTNSY Sports Network’s Gabriel Morency, Kawhi told his teammates during celebrations that he plans on heading back to Toronto to try for back to back championships.

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THE FIRST MEETING Toronto Raptors coach Nick Nurse had with Kawhi Leonard came with trepidation.

As Nurse walked down the hall from his office inside the team’s practice facility to the coach’s meeting room last July, just weeks after being named Toronto’s head coach, uncertainty loomed large. Nurse had heard that Leonard might not have been happy with his trade destination and that some people within the Raptors organization were less than thrilled that a beloved franchise icon, DeMar DeRozan, had been sent to San Antonio in exchange.

“So here we are in a meeting,” Nurse said last week inside that same office, “and I was thinking: What if this guy just sits there and says, ‘I’m not ready to talk to anybody yet?’ What am I gonna do?”

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It turned out that Nurse had nothing to worry about. When the meeting started, he asked Leonard if he had any questions. The star forward said yes.

The rest, Nurse said, took care of itself.

“Next thing you know, it led to me being at the board, drawing plays, with him standing up there with me,” Nurse said. “It was an interesting first meeting. He was super engaging, and his basketball mind was awesome, and it was fun.”

It was the moment Leonard’s integration into his new team began. In the months since, Leonard has become the clear go-to guy on a team that has the most wins in the NBA this season. The Raptors also hope it was the moment they can point to as laying the foundation for a years-long relationship with the pending free agent.

“We’re playing well,” Leonard told ESPN. “It’s a lot to make an adjustment to be here. It’s different. It’s a different culture, a different mindset than what me and Danny [Green] are coming from.”

As soon as they acquired Leonard, the Raptors knew they had plenty of ground to make up to convince him to stay beyond this season.

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Phoenix Wins9 Losses30 Win Percentage.231 Games Behind17 Conference Recordand 18 Division Recordand 7 Home Recordand 15 Away Recordand 15 Last Ten Recordand 6 StreakL 4

Like the rest of the top free agents in this year’s class — including Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and Klay Thompson — Leonard has the prior accomplishments, including a championship ring and Finals MVP award, that allow him the freedom to make the choice that makes him happiest on a personal level this summer.

It was no secret that as his time in San Antonio was coming to an end last summer, Leonard’s desire was to return to his native Southern California. Meanwhile, getting a read on Leonard’s thinking — unlike with Paul Georgeduring his first season with the Oklahoma City Thunder — was always going to be difficult.

Toronto knew its only legitimate chance to get Leonard for the long term was to trade for him first, then spend the better part of a year selling him on its vision for a shared future — one with the two-way star as the franchise’s centerpiece.

FROM THE MOMENT the Raptors traded for Leonard, they began planning for July 1, when Leonard will hit free agency and Toronto will attempt to convince him to remain the face of this organization. The Raptors will point to all of the details, both on and off the court, that they believe tip the scales in their favor — details Leonard will have spent an entire season seeing firsthand.

“You can always make that pitch, [and] you can believe it,” Raptors general manager Bobby Webster said. “But professional athletes see it, and they come in, and they know the difference between organizations. To live it, and to be here, you see it, and you live it every single day. They know if you’re bulls—-ing them.”

For his part, Leonard declined to say what his priorities will be when he decides where to play next season.

“I’m not thinking about that,” he told ESPN. “I’m focused on right now, what this is bringing for me and focused on the opportunity that I have here and what we can do this season.

“Later down the road, that’s when I’ll make my decision.”

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Webster and Raptors president of basketball operations Masai Ujiri are optimistic about their chances when Leonard does make his decision, for plenty of reasons. Toronto won at least 51 games in each of the three seasons prior to Leonard’s arrival and enters Thursday night’s game against the Spurs with a league-high 28 wins. FiveThirtyEight’s NBA projections give the Raptors a 38 percent chance to reach the NBA Finals, something Toronto has never done.

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The Toronto Raptors knew what they were getting themselves into when they traded for Kawhi Leonard over the summer.

Leonard will be a free agent this coming offseason, and he has not committed to staying with the Raptors long term. In fact, the general consensus is that Leonard will leave Toronto for a team such as the Los Angeles Clippers come July.

If Leonard does, in fact, leave Canada this summer, Marc Stein of The New York Times surmises that the Raptors will blow it up, trading point guard Kyle Lowry and beginning a rebuild.

This is definitely not surprising.