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LeBron James could become a free agent this offseason but he could also control his destiny in another way by orchestrating an opt-in-and-trade similar to Chris Paul last offseason.

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On The Lowe Podcast, Brian Windhorst talked about a scenario in which James could have an extended period of time to work on his offseason plans if the Cavaliers are eliminated from the playoffs before the Finals.

“All I’m going to say is you don’t want LeBron to have two months to plot with other players,” said Windhorst. “Because, you know, Chris Paul and James Harden have now written the script. While the Finals are going on, if you’re not in them, let’s just get together in L.A. and plot how you’re going to get together. You know, we’ve gotten in the point in the league where the players have so much power. They can force trades.”

When James was a free agent in 2010, the Cavaliers were eliminated in the second round on May 13th.

“LeBron has an option in his contract. I hear people talking about, ‘Will it be the “akers?’ They go through the four teams with cap space. ‘Will it be the Sixers?’ If LeBron deems it, he will go to the Cavs, ‘You will trade me to team X’ and as long as that team isn’t trying to force Luol Deng down the Cavs’ throat, the Cavs will do the deal because they won’t want to lose him for nothing. Just like how the Clippers did not want to trade Chris Paul, but at the end of the day, the alternative was unacceptable.

“If LeBron is left to his own devices and not focused on playing basketball for two months, and he can take meetings with everybody in the league: forget about July 1st, forget about the teams that are going to pitch him. The meetings are going to go down in May and June if LeBron is out of the playoffs. Now, if LeBron is not out of the playoffs and the Cavs get all the way to the Finals, that changes the game quite a bit.

“We’re going to get down to June 29th, that’s when LeBron’s option date is. In fact, whenever the draft is, the Cavs are going to like, you know, be like, ‘LeBron, what are we going to do here?’ I don’t even know if this is even going to get to July. This could all get mitigated out in June.”


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Cavaliers All-Star Kevin Love suffered a partially torn ligament in his left thumb late in Wednesday’s win over the Pacers, Brian Windhorst of reports.

Love left the game with just fewer than four minutes remaining in the Cavaliers’ 100-97 victory. The injury happened when Love deflected a pass from Victor Oladipo. After a Darren Collison layup immediately following the deflection, Cleveland called a time out and Love was taken out.

In his postgame interview, coach Tyronn Lue said Love will be “ready to go” for Game 3 on Friday in Indiana with the series tied at 1-1.

“I saw a replay too and it didn’t look good,” Love told reporters after the game, according to ESPN. “Hurt pretty bad. Initially, I told Ty afterward that I could have gone back in, but I think he liked the flow out there, and guys made big plays down the stretch. It’s not going to feel great tomorrow, but throw some ice on it, tape it up and be ready to go.”

In the three minutes and 43 seconds Cleveland went without Love to close the game, it basically played the Pacers even, although a meaningless Oladpio three at the buzzer meant Indiana outscored the Cavaliers 11-10 during that final stretch.

Love missed 20 games earlier in the season with a non-displaced fracture in his fifth metacarpal in his left hand. Cleveland went 11-9 in those games and 4-5 against other playoff teams.

Love is averaging 12 points and 12.5 rebounds through the first two games of the series while shooting eight-for-24 from the field and five-for-12 from deep.

LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard

In the midst of a rupture between the San Antonio Spurs and star forward Kawhi Leonard, rumors of a potential trade this offseason have run rampant.

Taking part on ESPN’s SportsNation, Brian Windhorst revealed that Leonard’ destination would have a “direct impact” on where LeBron James ends up after this season.

He painted an even more shocking scenario which would include the Philadelphia 76ers not only trading for Kawhi Leonard, but also managing to acquire James in the offseason.

“If the Cavs get knocked out before The Finals, and LeBron has six weeks to think about things and six months to get in touch with Kawhi things could get a little crazy,” said Windhorst.

While Windhorst didn’t expand into the actual working lines of a potential trade, it is possible under the current cap rules due to the Sixers’ immense flexibility, it could prove as a huge venture if they refuse to give any of their key assets in return for Leonard.

As it sits, J.J. Redick is the highest paid player in the roster this season, as he was signed to a one-year, $23 million balloon deal this summer. Next season, it would be Joel Embiid, who will start the first season of his five-year $146.5 million extension.

The Sixers could move Robert Covington for two reasons — he is the second-highest paid player ($10 million) coming into next season and also possesses many of Leonard’s defensive abilities, along with playing the same position.

Where things get complicated is deciding which young asset to package — Ben Simmons, Markelle Fultz, and Dario Saric are all making under $8.5 million next season, and giving up a young player, a rotation player, and a draft pick to compensate for the gap in salary may be too much for the Sixers to do, albeit possible.

LeBron James isn’t used to failure in the first round of the playoffs, but that’s what he finds himself facing after Sunday’s surprising Game 1 98-80 loss at home to the Indiana Pacers.

It’s the first time the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar has suffered defeat in a postseason opener, and also marks his first Round 1 loss in six years, ending his streak at 21 straight wins and bumping his overall record to 48-8. He’s not worried, though, since he’s faced far greater challenges and beaten far longer odds.

“I’ve always stayed even-keeled with the postseason,” the four-time MVP told reporters postgame. “I’m down 0-1 in the first round. I was down 3-1 in the Finals. I’m the last guy to ask about how you’re gonna feel the next couple of days.”