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Otto Porter Jr. has had a massive impact on the Bulls’ soul.

Their 5-3 record since he came on board is an obvious consequence. His attitude, his shot-making, his size — which makes switching seamless — and his dog mentality on defense have generated a true esprit de corps.

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“I can’t say I did,’’ coach Jim Boylen said Thursday when asked if he thought Porter would be so influential so quickly. “I would not be telling you the truth. I’m thankful for it, but I didn’t see it coming.’’

That’s because a player’s intangibles often aren’t felt until he’s in that locker room.

Jabari Parker was signed to a two-year, $40 million contract during the summer and boasted that he wasn’t paid to play defense, which he backed up once training camp and the regular season started.

Parker and Bobby Portis were sent packing to the Wizards for Porter, who came in with playoff experience and a contract that pays him $26 million this season and $27.2 million next season with a player option at $28.4 million for the 2020-21 season. Big money, no doubt. But the new highest-paid Bull is willing to dive after loose balls, wants to defend the best players and plays the game unselfishly.

Adam Silver still thinks the NBA All-Star Game needs a dramatic overhaul, and this year’s exhibition in Charlotte didn’t change his mind.

“The All-Star Game didn’t work,” the commissioner said at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference on Friday, adding that the game was “an afterthought” of the weekend, according to the Associated Press.

“I get it. We put an earring on a pig.”

Silver brought up the possibility of a midseason tournament replacing the All-Star Game if the league cuts the regular-season schedule down to roughly 70 games.

In an effort to broaden the scope of the sport of basketball across the world, the NBA and FIBA announced today that they are planning to launch a basketball league featuring 12 club teams across Africa. NBA commissioner Adam Silver announced the creation of the league during All-Star Weekend in Charlotte.

The league will reportedly feature 12 franchises that will begin play in January 2020, with existing African club teams having a chance to qualify for the league. The new league will be called the Basketball Africa League (BAL), and will be based on already existing team competitions that FIBA has organized throughout Africa.

“The Basketball Africa League is an important next step in our continued development of the game of basketball in Africa,” Silver said in a statement (via ESPN). “Combined with our other programs on the continent, we are committed to using basketball as an economic engine to create new opportunities in sports, media and technology across Africa.”

The NBA and FIBA also announced that they are planning on conducting qualification tournaments later this year in order to find the 12 best teams to represent countries including Angola, Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa and Tunisia. According to the statement, there will be no more than two teams from any single country in the league.

Along with the announcement of the league, the NBA also announced that by the start of the 2019-2020, a revamped direct-to-consumers offering of NBA games will be available for fans in Africa, along with FIBA also promising to dedicate financial support and resources toward the development of the sport in Africa, which will include money that goes to training players, coaches, referees, and infrastructure.

There are currently 12 players from African countries on NBA rosters. Joel EmbiidLuc Mbah a Moute and Pascal Siakam are from Cameroon; Bismack Biyombo and Emmanuel Mudiay are from the Democratic Republic of the Congo; Abdel Nader is from Egypt; Cheick Diallo is from Mali; Josh Okogie is from Nigeria; Serge Ibaka is from the Republic of the Congo; Luol Deng and Thon Maker are from South Sudan; and Salah Mejri is from Tunisia.


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THE FIRST MEETING Toronto Raptors coach Nick Nurse had with Kawhi Leonard came with trepidation.

As Nurse walked down the hall from his office inside the team’s practice facility to the coach’s meeting room last July, just weeks after being named Toronto’s head coach, uncertainty loomed large. Nurse had heard that Leonard might not have been happy with his trade destination and that some people within the Raptors organization were less than thrilled that a beloved franchise icon, DeMar DeRozan, had been sent to San Antonio in exchange.

“So here we are in a meeting,” Nurse said last week inside that same office, “and I was thinking: What if this guy just sits there and says, ‘I’m not ready to talk to anybody yet?’ What am I gonna do?”

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It turned out that Nurse had nothing to worry about. When the meeting started, he asked Leonard if he had any questions. The star forward said yes.

The rest, Nurse said, took care of itself.

“Next thing you know, it led to me being at the board, drawing plays, with him standing up there with me,” Nurse said. “It was an interesting first meeting. He was super engaging, and his basketball mind was awesome, and it was fun.”

It was the moment Leonard’s integration into his new team began. In the months since, Leonard has become the clear go-to guy on a team that has the most wins in the NBA this season. The Raptors also hope it was the moment they can point to as laying the foundation for a years-long relationship with the pending free agent.

“We’re playing well,” Leonard told ESPN. “It’s a lot to make an adjustment to be here. It’s different. It’s a different culture, a different mindset than what me and Danny [Green] are coming from.”

As soon as they acquired Leonard, the Raptors knew they had plenty of ground to make up to convince him to stay beyond this season.

Milwaukee Wins26 Losses10 Win Percentage.722 Games Behind0.5 Conference Record18 and 5 Division Recordand 1 Home Record17 and 3 Away Recordand 7 Last Ten Recordand 2 StreakW 4
Toronto Wins28 Losses11 Win Percentage.718 Games Behind Conference Record17 and 7 Division Recordand 3 Home Record15 and 4 Away Record13 and 7 Last Ten Recordand 4 StreakW 2
Indiana Wins25 Losses12 Win Percentage.676 Games Behind2 Conference Record19 and 5 Division Recordand 2 Home Record14 and 5 Away Record11 and 7 Last Ten Recordand 2 StreakW 5
Philadelphia Wins25 Losses14 Win Percentage.641 Games Behind3 Conference Record17 and 11 Division Recordand 6 Home Record16 and 3 Away Recordand 11 Last Ten Recordand 4 StreakW 2
Boston Wins22 Losses15 Win Percentage.595 Games Behind5 Conference Record15 and 7 Division Recordand 2 Home Record12 and 5 Away Record10 and 10 Last Ten Recordand 5 StreakW 1
Miami Wins18 Losses18 Win Percentage.500 Games Behind8.5 Conference Recordand 13 Division Recordand 7 Home Recordand 11 Away Record10 and 7 Last Ten Recordand 3 StreakW 1
Charlotte Wins18 Losses19 Win Percentage.486 Games Behind9 Conference Record17 and 12 Division Recordand 2 Home Record14 and 8 Away Recordand 11 Last Ten Recordand 6 StreakL 1
Detroit Wins17 Losses19 Win Percentage.472 Games Behind9.5 Conference Record12 and 16 Division Recordand 4 Home Record11 and 8 Away Recordand 11 Last Ten Recordand 6 StreakW 1
Brooklyn Wins18 Losses21 Win Percentage.462 Games Behind10 Conference Record13 and 10 Division Recordand 2 Home Record10 and 11 Away Recordand 10 Last Ten Recordand 3 StreakW 1
Orlando Wins17 Losses20 Win Percentage.459 Games Behind10 Conference Record12 and 10 Division Recordand 4 Home Record10 and 11 Away Recordand 9 Last Ten Recordand 5 StreakW 1
Washington Wins15 Losses23 Win Percentage.395 Games Behind12.5 Conference Recordand 14 Division Recordand 3 Home Record11 and 7 Away Recordand 16 Last Ten Recordand 6 StreakW 2
Atlanta Wins11 Losses26 Win Percentage.297 Games Behind16 Conference Recordand 17 Division Recordand 4 Home Recordand 10 Away Recordand 16 Last Ten Recordand 5 StreakL 2
Chicago Wins10 Losses28 Win Percentage.263 Games Behind17.5 Conference Recordand 16 Division Recordand 6 Home Recordand 14 Away Recordand 14 Last Ten Recordand 6 StreakL 2
New York Wins9 Losses29 Win Percentage.237 Games Behind18.5 Conference Recordand 22 Division Recordand 7 Home Recordand 12 Away Recordand 17 Last Ten Recordand 9 StreakL 8
Cleveland Wins8 Losses30 Win Percentage.211 Games Behind19.5 Conference Recordand 21 Division Recordand 7 Home Recordand 14 Away Recordand 16 Last Ten Recordand 9 StreakL 7
Western Conference
Denver Wins24 Losses11 Win Percentage.686 Games Behind Conference Record15 and 6 Division Recordand 0 Home Record15 and 3 Away Recordand 8 Last Ten Recordand 3 StreakW 3
Golden State Wins25 Losses13 Win Percentage.658 Games Behind0.5 Conference Record15 and 9 Division Recordand 2 Home Record15 and 5 Away Record10 and 8 Last Ten Recordand 4 StreakW 2
Oklahoma City Wins24 Losses13 Win Percentage.649 Games Behind1 Conference Record14 and 11 Division Recordand 3 Home Record13 and 4 Away Record11 and 9 Last Ten Recordand 3 StreakW 2
Houston Wins21 Losses15 Win Percentage.583 Games Behind3.5 Conference Record13 and 11 Division Recordand 4 Home Record13 and 5 Away Recordand 10 Last Ten Recordand 1 StreakW 5
Portland Wins22 Losses16 Win Percentage.579 Games Behind3.5 Conference Record13 and 13 Division Recordand 4 Home Record14 and 6 Away Recordand 10 Last Ten Recordand 3 StreakW 2
LA Clippers Wins21 Losses16 Win Percentage.568 Games Behind4 Conference Record16 and 11 Division Recordand 1 Home Record12 and 6 Away Recordand 10 Last Ten Recordand 6 StreakL 2
San Antonio Wins21 Losses17 Win Percentage.553 Games Behind4.5 Conference Record16 and 12 Division Recordand 4 Home Record15 and 5 Away Recordand 12 Last Ten Recordand 3 StreakW 2
Los Angeles Lakers Wins21 Losses17 Win Percentage.553 Games Behind4.5 Conference Record15 and 12 Division Recordand 2 Home Record13 and 7 Away Recordand 10 Last Ten Recordand 6 StreakL 1
Sacramento Wins19 Losses18 Win Percentage.514 Games Behind6 Conference Record12 and 15 Division Recordand 6 Home Record10 and 8 Away Recordand 10 Last Ten Recordand 6 StreakL 2
Memphis Wins18 Losses19 Win Percentage.486 Games Behind7 Conference Record12 and 12 Division Recordand 2 Home Record10 and 8 Away Recordand 11 Last Ten Recordand 8 StreakL 3
Dallas Wins18 Losses19 Win Percentage.486 Games Behind7 Conference Record10 and 16 Division Recordand 4 Home Record15 and 3 Away Recordand 16 Last Ten Recordand 7 StreakW 1
Utah Wins18 Losses20 Win Percentage.474 Games Behind7.5 Conference Record12 and 12 Division Recordand 4 Home Recordand 8 Away Record10 and 12 Last Ten Recordand 5 StreakL 1
Minnesota Wins17 Losses21 Win Percentage.447 Games Behind8.5 Conference Recordand 15 Division Recordand 3 Home Record12 and 6 Away Recordand 15 Last Ten Recordand 6 StreakL 2
New Orleans Wins17 Losses22 Win Percentage.436 Games Behind9 Conference Record10 and 13 Division Recordand 4 Home Record13 and 6 Away Recordand 16 Last Ten Recordand 7 StreakL 1
Phoenix Wins9 Losses30 Win Percentage.231 Games Behind17 Conference Recordand 18 Division Recordand 7 Home Recordand 15 Away Recordand 15 Last Ten Recordand 6 StreakL 4

Like the rest of the top free agents in this year’s class — including Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and Klay Thompson — Leonard has the prior accomplishments, including a championship ring and Finals MVP award, that allow him the freedom to make the choice that makes him happiest on a personal level this summer.

It was no secret that as his time in San Antonio was coming to an end last summer, Leonard’s desire was to return to his native Southern California. Meanwhile, getting a read on Leonard’s thinking — unlike with Paul Georgeduring his first season with the Oklahoma City Thunder — was always going to be difficult.

Toronto knew its only legitimate chance to get Leonard for the long term was to trade for him first, then spend the better part of a year selling him on its vision for a shared future — one with the two-way star as the franchise’s centerpiece.

FROM THE MOMENT the Raptors traded for Leonard, they began planning for July 1, when Leonard will hit free agency and Toronto will attempt to convince him to remain the face of this organization. The Raptors will point to all of the details, both on and off the court, that they believe tip the scales in their favor — details Leonard will have spent an entire season seeing firsthand.

“You can always make that pitch, [and] you can believe it,” Raptors general manager Bobby Webster said. “But professional athletes see it, and they come in, and they know the difference between organizations. To live it, and to be here, you see it, and you live it every single day. They know if you’re bulls—-ing them.”

For his part, Leonard declined to say what his priorities will be when he decides where to play next season.

“I’m not thinking about that,” he told ESPN. “I’m focused on right now, what this is bringing for me and focused on the opportunity that I have here and what we can do this season.

“Later down the road, that’s when I’ll make my decision.”

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Webster and Raptors president of basketball operations Masai Ujiri are optimistic about their chances when Leonard does make his decision, for plenty of reasons. Toronto won at least 51 games in each of the three seasons prior to Leonard’s arrival and enters Thursday night’s game against the Spurs with a league-high 28 wins. FiveThirtyEight’s NBA projections give the Raptors a 38 percent chance to reach the NBA Finals, something Toronto has never done.

The New York Yankees came into the offseason wanting to land one of the game’s best players, and they will reportedly do it. After careful consideration, Manny Machado is reportedly going to sign with the Yankees.

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According to Dan Clark, Machado received final offers from the Yankees, Philadelphia Phillies and Chicago White Sox recently. As expected, the official announcement isn’t slated until early January, but the All-Star shortstop is reportedly going to sign with New York.

Dan Clark


Have heard that the , , and have all made their final offers to Manny Machado, and it is indeed New York where he’ll be heading. Announcement expected early-January.

If Machado indeed signs with New York, it marks a major haul for the Yankees as they try to compete for their 28th World Series title and make it back to the World Series for the first time since 2009.

While it isn’t known which position Machado would play in New York, his flexibility would give the team plenty of options.

In addition to being an outstanding hitter that is coming off a 2018 season with a .297/.367/.538 slash line with 37 home runs, Machado is also one of the game’s best defenders at third base.

If Machado signs with New York and moves back to his original position at third base, it could open the door for the Yankees to trade rookie Miguel Andujar and add a high-end starting pitcher.

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DeMarcus Cousins is stuck in a basketball waiting game. The four-time All-Star has yet to make his Golden State Warriors debut after suffering an Achilles tear just under a year ago, yet he seems to be just about healthy.

On Wednesday, the Warriors star center once again went through a full practice with the team, suggesting that he is doing well physically.

In fact, Boogie is feeling so good, that he’s encouraging his teammates to attack him during scrimmages.

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On the best roll of his career, James Harden has returned his name to the conversations about MVP. That includes his own willingness to openly seek the honor for a second-consecutive season.

Asked if he is “hungry” to win the award again, Harden said, “I need it. I need it for sure. And I’m going to get it.

“Individually, I got to bring it every night and make sure the guys around me in that locker room are on the same level,” Harden said. “It’s a great feeling. Individually, I got to make sure I’m on my A game every night, and that’s not just scoring. That’s being a leader every night. That’s making sure I’m communicating with my guys and we’re putting ourselves in positions to win games.”

Harden has scored at least 30 points in 10-consecutive games, averaging 40.8 points per game in that stretch, and at least 40 points in his past four games. His streak of eight-consecutive games with at least 35 points and five assists in the longest in NBA history.