If the Chicago Bears do end up getting the chance to trade down, what are some realistic possibilities?

You hear it all the time; “Player X or trade down.” “The Chicago Bears are in prime position to trade down.” “Keep an eye on the Chicago Bears as trade down candidates.” That is easy to say, harder to do. Who are they trading down to? What are they getting back? Who is the team trading up for? Who is the team trading up? Today, we present five scenarios in which the Chicago Bears actually may incline to trade down.

Miami Dolphins

BEARS GETRD 1, #11, RD 3, #73, RD 6, #209

DOLPHINS GETRD 1, #8, RD 7 #224

The Chicago Bears are able to add a third-round pick in which they do not have this year. Also, late in the draft, they are able to jump up 13 picks and get into the bottom of the sixth round from their high seventh-round pick. According to the draft value chart this gives the Bears a total value of 1482.8 points and only giving away 1402 in value. The swapping of late picks is likely overkill, but is the icing on the cake that gets the Bears to sell a top ten asset in this draft, even if it means jumping down just three spots. Considering what the Colts go to move down three spots to number 6, this is a bargain for Miami.


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Players Bears could consider at 11: Roquan Smith, Denzel Ward, Harold Landry, Marcus Davenport 

Buffalo Bills

BEARS GETRD 1, #12, RD 2, #56

BILLS GETRD 1, #8, RD 7 #224

This one could be easy and could land the Bears in an excellent spot. The Bills trade the second round pick they got last year for Sammy Watkins, and still have a full slate of draft picks. They also move into the top ten to get their quarterback. The Bears add a second round pick, which is a better haul than moving up to the sixth round and grabbing a third round asset. According to the value chart, they are getting 1,540 points, which is more than the Dolphins offered. However, this is the Bills best bet to beat that Dolphins offer, and for the Bears to get a better asset and move down just one more spot, they would be all over this deal.

Players Bears could consider at 12: Roquan Smith, Marcus Davenport, Harold Landry, Isaiah Wynn 

Arizona Cardinals

BEARS GETRD 1, #15, RD 2, #47


This trade involves dipping further back into the first round. Still, the Bears get a higher overall pick

in the second round and do not lose their seventh-round pick. The total value of the Cardinals haul would give the team 1,480 points, which is about in range to what they have been seeing. Still, this one would take the team having more faith in how the next eight picks will fall, because it would be much easier for them to move down to 11 or 12 and know a particular player that still would be there. Still, if they have their eyes on a guy who will be there at 15, and can come home with two quick hits at 39 and 47 on Day 2, that could be a huge haul of three players for the Bears.

Players Bears could consider at 15: Marcus Davenport, Josh Jackson, Isaiah Wynn, Leighton Vander Esch

Baltimore Ravens

BEARS GETRD 1, #16, RD 2 #52, 2019 RD 2


The pressure has been turned up on John Harbaugh, and they are sick of being stuck in neutral with Joe Flacco. It is time to surprise everyone and be that team to make the bold move up. However, the Ravens are in a tough spot when it comes to assets. They have eight picks this year, but their extra pick is just a 6th rounder. To lose their second rounder plus 16 to move up would equal 1,380 points on the value chart. Without completely rendering this year as a one pick committal, the Ravens reach into the bag and throw a 2019 second at Chicago. While one of their assets would not come for a full season, having the extra 2019 second rounder in the pocket makes the team much more flexible to package deals together with their two fourths and move up in this draft again. They could find a guy in the middle of the first round but also add two and potentially three more players in the first two days when it originally had looked like they would only end up with two players total.

Players Bears could consider at 16: Josh Jackson, Isaiah Wynn, Leighton Vander Esch, James Daniels 



BEARS GETR1, #23, R1 #31, R3 #95, R7, #219

PATRIOTS GETR1, #8, R4, #117

This one is a bit more complicated, but rumors have been around that the Patriots are invested in a quarterback this year. When they traded away Brandin Cooks, they told the league they had their eyes on someone. However, 23 and 31 do not get the Patriots up to 8, let alone into the top five. So, if a player slips, and the Bears are in a spot at 8 they get a decent haul back. The Bears get the Patriots two first round picks, which is valuable considering both of them come with fifth-year options. On top of that, their second fourth-round pick turns into a late third. A 22 pick move up. This pick is a bit more fair for the Patriots than others in terms of the point system, but the move up from into the third and the second first-round pick could easily seal the deal.

Players Bears could consider at 23: Calvin Ridley, D.J. Moore, Will Hernandez, Connor Williams 

Players Bears could consider at 31: Connor Williams, Frank Ragnow, Lorenzo Carter, Josh Sweat

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