Wades returns for a victory 

Posted: November 12, 2016 in #BringYour"A"GameSportsTalk!

During the summer of the big money free agency it seemed that pat riley had put Dwayne Wade on the backburner about getting paid what he deserves. Let’s be real wade put the miami heat on his back and made them into champion,when they never smelled that aroma before. He also took paycuts to allow miami to sign lebron james and chris bosh to form the infamous heatles. All of his goodwill and unselfishness should have given him an nice payday in miami. As we all know that wasn’t the case this summer when riley opted to give whiteside a set for life contract and wade got whats left over. So wade took his talents home and became a bull. So we all knew that the calendar date was circled when miami and chicago first played. You knew wade was looking to stick it riley on the floor where he shined for 13 years. Well it was a victory for wade and the bulls still not a dominant performance by wade like we’ve seen in the past. The game was tight like vice grips most of the way. Wade had a couple spin moves and dunks but Winslow had a pretty good game on both sides of the floor. In the end the bulls speaked out a victory 98-95.

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