Oakland long due return to competitive football 

Posted: November 8, 2016 in #BringYour"A"GameSportsTalk!

Unless you’ve been living on an island or under a rock you’ve seen the Oakland Raiders return to nfl. You ask  where have they been in the last twenty years? That is a mystery that ripley is still trying to figure out. I know the raidernation has been tested like job with the likes of tom cable and lane kiffin supposedly leading them in battle, lol sorry had to get that out, with nose dive failure. It seemed if you had to put in old vhs tapes to see Oakland win a game. But now the rebels of the nfl are back with del rio, crabtree and carr leading the charge. With an impressive win against the current champion denver broncos, they have gained the lead in the afc west showing how real they are. Al davis you should be proud of the turnaround that your organization has in the recent years even though its not the  70s and they final caught up with the way the league plays now.     just win baby means something again 

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