3 Within 6 Years! Blackhawks are Chicago’s New Dynasty: 2-0 Win In Game 6 over the Lightning

Posted: June 16, 2015 in entertainment, hockey, news, Sports
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WEEEE ARE THE CHAMPIONS AGAIN! Yes Chicago we have birth a new dynasty in our city! How dope is that? I wasn’t a big fan of hockey, but when I moved from the west side of Chicago to western suburb of Oak Park. I was open up to more sports……Globally. Hockey was one of the sports I was introduced to. I found it fun, but it was mostly played by whites. Coming from the west side of Chicago…….. Basketball was the only thing open up in our hood ya dig. So yes, I had a touch of “Societal Ignorance”. That’s whole different story, right now we are talking about a good team led by a group of future HOF’ers! #Dope!

Chicago Blackhawks hockey, haven’t seen a championship won on home ice in over 70+ years. Until last night! It felt good to see something good in our city instead of the constant negative shootings that go on in our beautiful town.

The game was 0-0 until the 17:13 in the second period, defender Duncan Keith scored the first goal, knocking in his own rebound. It was his third goal of the playoffs and his 13th of the season. He was named the MVP of the Stanley Cup playoffs, the first defender given this award since the Anaheim Ducks’ Scott Niedermayer in 2007. I salute you for that accomplishment.

Winger Patrick Kane who is one of my favorite hockey players since gaining a stronger interest in hockey, added a wide-open much needed insurance goal late in the 3rd period off a sweet no look pass from Brad Richards….

Jonathan Toews (C), who led the push in all three of the Blackhawks’ recent title winners and who was named MVP of the 2010 playoffs, was the first to raise the cup over his head.

The Lightning struggled offensively in the game, getting off just 24 shots on goal against a focused Corey Crawford. The fewest the Blackhawks goalie had faced in a game since first round games against the Predators. Even playing six-on-four for a minute as the game came to a close, Tampa Bay got few good chances.

The Blackhawks won more than twice as many faceoffs as Tampa Bay, and had two penalty minutes to the Lightning six.

Even though the score shows a shut out, goalie Ben Bishop had a good game, with 30 saves on 32 shots.

I enjoyed watching the Blackhawks this season. That organization has gained a new fan……… That’s me, Blaq Hippie! Enjoy the top of the mountain fellas. The city loves you for bringing us something to cheer about. You are now officially apart of “MY OWN” #SeeRedFamily…… #Salute #Chicago

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